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5 Minutes with Martha McClung, Director of Vibrant Living

Brightview Senior Living Residents Exercising

Vibrant living is central to Brightview Senior Living. It’s a philosophy that shapes our culture. All Brightview associates are committed to creating a meaningful lifestyle for each resident, no matter where they are cognitively or physically. We use our SPICE wellness model to create this lifestyle - for residents and associates alike.


At Brightview, wellness goes beyond a clinical function. SPICE, which stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional, is at the heart of every Brightview community. The five dimensions of wellness are just as important for associates. If we have happy, healthy, engaged associates, we inevitably have happy, healthy engaged residents. Our tagline is “great place to work, great place to live.”


So often, aging is associated with decline and illness. We encourage everyone at Brightview, including families, to view aging as an opportunity. This is the next chapter, full of possibilities. That’s why we named our dementia training curriculum “Moments of Possibility.”


Another manifestation of our philosophy is Active Aging Week.


When I started working at Brightview, several communities celebrated Assisted Living Week which is sponsored annually in September by the National Center for Assisted Living. The week recognizes assisted living caregivers, residents and educates the public about this “distinctive aspect of long-term care.” There is nothing wrong with that. We just like to look at aging with a different lens.


The International Council on Active Aging, to which Brightview is a member, celebrates the achievements of older adults during Active Aging Week. Held annually in September, “the week-long campaign calls attention to and wholeheartedly celebrates the positivity of aging today. It showcases the capabilities of older adults as fully participating members of society and spotlights the role models that lead the way.”


I ask you, which would you rather celebrate: assistance or achievement? Brightview communities choose possibilities over limitations. Vibrant Living Directors jump at the chance to showcase how SPICE is the foundation of our culture.

Brightview Associate Spotlights, Vibrant Living

SPICE in Motion Program

Our innovative SPICE Initiative is the foundation for ongoing wellness efforts and the model on which resident programming is based. Including five holistic elements of wellness – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional – the SPICE approach uses a blend of programs to create meaningful, healthy, stimulating, and positive lifestyles – for residents and associates. Residents enjoy a daily calendar full of enriching and inspiring SPICE programs, important for the well-being of people of all ages. Learn more about our innovative SPICE in Motion program powered by Bayada.

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